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    Koufonisia Traditional Houses - Gitonia tis Irinis “The Neighbourhood of Peace”

    Gitonia tis Irinis

    At Gitonia tis Irinis, the sense of peace and tranquility visitors feel within their accommodation is the result not only of the Cycladic landscape but also due to the delicate layout of their surroundings.

    No matter where you stay in any of the serene traditional houses, you will have a sense of privacy – within your modest veranda, the sea view from the garden and FLORIAN .

      Gitonia”, alzando lo sguardo… il mare

    As serenity to mankind is and means peace. Olive trees, fig trees, grape vines, bougainvilleas, oleanders, night-blooming jasmine plants, geraniums, prickly pear cacti – fragrances, colours and taste, embrace the lilac blue small houses.

    The Names of the houses…

    Irini, Anna-Georgia, Foukariara, Iliovgalma, Panselinos, tis Yiayias, Astrofeggia, Manoleas, Meraklides, Eftihia, Sourloulou, Amartia, Gitonisa…and in the centre, the quaint church of Agios Eleftherios built in memory of “ancestors and predecessors of the area.”

    Every house name has a legend.

    “Bound together yet unconnected, embrace the spirit of centuries in time – without obstructing the freedom of flight”

    In light of this, Antonios Mavros, the creator of the neighbourhood, wanted to honour the ancient diety that defines his mind along with his beloved ones. Galina Spitakia, “Serene Traditional Houses,” sketched on a slab of cedar wood.

    An atmosphere/reminder of genuine, personal, friendly, intimate… The traditional houses are reminiscent of an old-fashioned fairy tale.

    The interior of the traditional houses…

    Modest interior as it expresses an idea…built in beds, openings with consideration of wind and light, an ancient measure, unobtrusive.


    Outside in your garden, all the flowers from the Greek land – even sea-thrift lilies. Ceilings made of reeds supported by beams made from Juniper trees – or other trees from the Cyclades – as it follows the inherent instinct of the creator and the very soul of the area.

    You have everything in front of you, so look! Humanity is synchronized with humaneness. If you are looking for this kind of atmosphere, you are most welcome.

    The island however, offers many other varieties of possibilities that can satisfy whatever you’re looking for.

    Gitonia tis Irinis - architecture shapes

    Gitonia tis Irinis is an unobtrusive complex of traditional autonomous small houses, characteristic of the Cycladic islands, in close proximity to the port of Koufonisia, on the road leading to the beaches.

    It was the concept of Antonios Mavros, who managed to create a unique development of self-sufficient rooms, small breezy verandas with seating in close proximity to the garden.

    Gitonia tis Irinis provides free transportation to and from the port for visitors’ arrivals and departures.

    The ventilation of the houses is achieved by a well-designed, ecological system exploiting customary small openings for windows positioned in such a way that the airflow produces an exceptional refreshing breeze.

    Antonis Mavros

    Antonis Mavros

    Antonis Mavros (Antonaros) is a unique, self-taught artist who was born and raised, and still lives on Koufonisia, an island part of the complex of Small Cyclades.

    He occupies himself mainly with architecture, interior design and construction.

    Deeply influenced by the state and beauty of the place, he created a small and unique complex of traditional small houses.

    The design of Gitonia tis Irinis is based on Cycladic architecture and tradition.  

    Gitonia tis Irinis is based on Cycladic architecture and tradition

      Gitonia tis Irinis offers wifi and internet connection.

    Breakfast is available on site.

    Pets are not permitted at Gitonia tis Irinis.

    Cars are unnecessary on Koufonisia. However, there is a large public parking area near the port.

    Contact us: Gitonia tis Irinis, Ano Koufonisia,

    Tel: +30 22850 71674,   e-mail: