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    "Gitonia tis Irinis" is an aesthetically unique spot, a small traditional housing complex where the first though of its creator was how to preserve the elements of early Cycladic homes and the local way of life.The sense of serenity and quietude which they give the visitor are a result not only of the beautiful Cycladic landscape, but of their careful arrangement against it. Whichever one you choose to stay in, you will have a sense of absolute privacy - from the front patio of each small house you will have a view of the sea


    Antonis Mavros – also known as Antonaros (The Big guy) – has built a whole small village with his own hands and with the help of Florian (his buddy technician) which has become today a very picturesque and exquisite – yet simple in form and function – block of small villas, full…

    – Giorgo R

    Sometimes you arrive at a place that transports you completely… Gitonia tis Irinis is such a place..a true paradise to relax, unwind and forget about the world …Set in a beautiful garden with bougainvillea, geraniums, fig trees and prickly pears… and absolute silence.

    – shyicarus