Gitonia tis Irinis | Little house Apartments in Koufonisia, Greece
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  • The Island of Koufonisia

    Koufonisia islands are a complex of small islands between Naxos and Amorgos, and are Pano(Upper) Koufonisi, or just Koufonisi, and Kato (Lower) Koufonisi. They are small, low islands with great caves from which it is said they have taken their name.

    Until a few years ago, Koufonisi was just another typical Cycladic island but today tourism is highly developed – despite this, it has not lost its beauty and is a favourite destination for many.

    Excavations have brought to light significant findings and artifacts of the Cycladic civilization as well as remnants of hellenistic and roman times.

    Koufonisi and Religious Fairs and Festivities
    On April 23, Koufonisi island celebrate St George, patron saint of the island and many people from the islands all around arrive to celebrate with the Koufonisi island locals on the day of the festivities. On that day, the icon of St George is taken around the island, with an escort of all the caiques following the progress of the procession from the sea.

    During St George’s day, a free meal is offered to all the pilgrims – a well known local dish called “patatato” – a kind of meat stew with potatoes paid for by one of the locals who have made an offering to the saint (he is the one who is identified the Feast Man and his name is drawn by lot)

    On the 15th of August, the celebration of Virgin Mary, a mass is held in the small church next to the settlement of Kato Koufonisi. This is a festivity in which all the island visitors take part and they are transported free of charge by all the boats of the island. These caiques compete on the return trip – which one will reach Pano Koufonisi first. On this day, too, a free feast is offered to all the visitors in the church courtyard by the sea.